Dunnottar Castle

If I were to say that this was an album about Dunnottar Castle, well, I would be lying. So the plan was for us to go to Dunnottar Castle in Stonehaven. Well, we got there and we could see it but there were some really nice looking landscapes before the castle, we got a little sidetracked…. There was also an admission fee to get inside the castle and we weren’t sure that we wanted to pay it so we were delaying our decision. By the time we decided to check out the actual castle, it was closed for the day. So, we walked around some more, headed back to Stonehaven and had some fish’n’chips with deep fried Mars Bars then hoped on the bus back to Aberdeen. I took my new camera out and it’s safe to say I got a bit “camera happy” this is only a portion of what I took….. (They are ordered in what I hope to be a logical fashion, not necessarily the order they were taken so the lighting changes….We were there all day.)


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