Travel Tips

Learn to love the metro/underground/subway/tube (whatever it happens to be called). It is easier, faster, and probably cheaper than taking a bus or taxi.

-Travel to and from airports costs a LOT more than regular travel.

-Most ticket machines take coins (not bills) or cards, but if you are like me, your cards won’t have the fancy chip in them and as such you cannot use them in these machines. If you don’t have change there is usually a ticket desk where you can use cash, as long as you are there during their open hours, just because the line is running doesn’t mean there will be someone at the ticket desk.

Plan in advance. Know where you want to go and how to get there. Also, whenever possible, make reservations; for places to stay, means of transportation, everything, you don’t want to be stranded in a station at night with no cash and every ATM refusing your cards. Also know which countries use which currency; not every country in Europe uses Euros-Switzerland, for example uses Swiss Franks.

Always keep cash on hand (of the correct currency of course). Don’t let your supply dwindle thinking you will find an ATM. Not all stations have ATMs, not all ATMs will be working, and sometimes they just don’t like your cards (if you are using cards from another country that is).

Only pack the bare minimum. You would be surprised how little you can survive with. You will obtain more ‘keepsakes’ than you realize.

Make sure you have enough memory space on your SD cards (for photos), otherwise you will have to transfer them to a laptop or something until you get another card.

Don’t forget charges for anything: cameras, phone, ipod, laptop… Also be aware of which converters you will need, the US is different than the UK which is different than the EU…


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