Things Learned

Trains make me sleepy-great for sleeper trains, not so great for scenic journeys.

I navigate best when heading in a ‘general direction’ vs looking for specific streets and such.

I can find half the things I’m looking for when I get lost looking for something else.

Switzerland is expensive, but so very pretty. On the other hand, Greece is  both cheap and pretty (not quite as pretty though)-Hooray for economic crisis!

I have a tendency to forget to eat… I do remember to shower though.

Hostels can be horrid, or wonderful. Choose carefully…

Most people really do speak at least some English, as long as you stick to big touristy areas.

Apparently in Europe the day goes from 9 or 10 (depending on the area, but mostly 10) until about 5 or 6, otherwise everything is closed. Kinda sucks when you board a train at 9 and don’t get off until 6…

If someone approaches you: walk away, don’t make eye contact, don’t acknowledge them. No matter how many times they say “so beautiful” stupid salespeople, why won’t they leave me alone…

I don’t always remember what it was I was trying to take a picture of…

Spring, ’tis the season for restorations


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