My travels over Easter break 3/24-4/12 (and yes, I realize that London is technically part of the UK)

Just a quick note: so I took pictures of and in a lot of churches and other things. I saw many places, but some had signs forbidding photography. What I’m getting at is that since I don’t speak some of these languages and the pictures aren’t always clear (some say no photos at all, some just no flash, and other times only in certain areas) I may have accidentally taken pictures of something I wasn’t supposed to. If anyone sees something that I shouldn’t have PLEASE SAY SO and I will remove them, I don’t want to offend or disrespect anyone. Therefore, if images of a church disappear, that is why, please don’t get mad.

PG 13 –contains some statuary nudity and other mildly sexual images

–Photos may be out of order, in the wrong spot, or in multiple spots. I was switching between cameras and memory cards and it got confusing o_O  and for some reason it likes to shuffle them when i upload. I will try to fix these but I may miss some.

–I tried to do as little editing as possible (mostly because I’m lazy) but in some cases it was necessary. Most of Switzerland has been edited but only to try to recapture what I actually saw.

–I used too much of my allotted storage on this site, so instead I had to create sites for each place here are the links

—Also note that where the words divide the images (on each site) you will have to click to get a separate viewer. You can only scroll through the images in the same section as the image you click on.


          London                                                                                      Paris


                      Berlin                                                                    Munich


                   Venice                                                                    Switzerland


                  Naples                                                                             Rome


                                                   Athens and Return


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